The very essence of a sea change lies in transformation. In short, leaving one lifestyle behind in pursuit of another. While the mere thought of the Surf Coast’s sandy beaches and crystal clear water is appealing to many, sometimes a sea change isn’t that simple.

When thinking about making a sea change there are a lot of things to consider. While the urge to pack up and go may seem overwhelming, making a sea change requires a lot of thought and planning.

Defining a sea change

Defined as a profound or notable transformation, a sea change is essentially a lifestyle change. It involves leaving inner city or suburban residences in favour of rural or seaside locations like the Surf Coast.

City-dwellers are increasingly favouring coastal towns because the lifestyle is perceived to be easy going, more relaxed, slower paced and most importantly, more affordable.

One benefit of the coronavirus pandemic was the fact that businesses and workers saw how productive and practical working remotely really is. To take advantage of this shift in working perception, a move to the Surf Coast for better work/life balance may be on the cards.

Leaving the big smoke for little coastal towns where everyday feels like a holiday seems like a no brainer. However, it’s important to consider the impacts- both positive and negative- that such a change could have on your lifestyle, family, mental and physical health.

4 Benefits of a sea change

Numerous studies have been conducted into the benefits of sea air and the coastal lifestyle on the human body and psyche. From enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle to experiencing better health, there are a lot of benefits to making a sea change.

Better health

Studies conducted at the University of Exeter in England show that those who live closer to the coast enjoy better health than those who live inland. This is thanks to the fact that swimming in salt water enhances the immune system and boosts circulation, among other things.

Relaxed lifestyle

Proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety and promote compassion, the ocean helps remove the pressure of life, helping you to see clearly. This allows your mind the space and time to revitalise, which in turn, helps you live a more relaxed lifestyle.

Better sleep

Air along the coast is charged with negative ions that allow your body to absorb oxygen more easily. This means that the serotonin levels in the air are more equalised, which promotes deeper, and therefore, higher quality sleep.

More activities

Living by the coast means that you’re never more than a few minutes away from walking along the beach, fishing, or enjoying a number of other water sports like sailing and kayaking. The proximity to the water makes it easier to be more active and indulge in different hobbies.

A sea change isn’t for everyone

While living by the water and enjoying the feeling of being on holiday everyday of the year seems like a great plan, it doesn’t always work out this way. For people coming from the city, the slow pace of life can be a little jarring or boring. 

It’s important to remember that making a sea change means undergoing a complete lifestyle change. Coastal towns and inner city suburbs are created differently for a reason- to offer varying ways of life.

A sea change means that instead of being a tourist, you will feel seasonal tourist overload during the holiday period. It’s worthwhile noting that being a tourist and feeling overrun by tourists are two distinct feelings. The latter could have you rueing the day you decided to make a sea change to such a popular destination.

What to consider before making a sea change?

If you’re planning on leaving inner city Melbourne for the beautiful Surf Coast, there is a lot to consider. Real estates report a significant number of people who leave the city for the coast in haste, only to regret their decision months later.

To make a successful sea change, the best advice centres around taking your time. Start with researching the area. Consider access to the shops and health care services. Then, visit in both peak and off peak tourist times to understand the true feel of the area. 

If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful area to call home then you can’t do better than the Surf Coast and Bellarine. 

Daily tasks such as going to the post office, bank or supermarket is so easy. There are few queues, parking is effortless and you’ll come to know the friendly locals working in town over time.

Learn more about building the area

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